New Nation, New Members

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As we talk about what it means to be “born again,” we have to preserve the scriptural pattern and order. First, as the cornerstone of all doctrines of regeneration, Jesus was born again from the dead (Col. 1:18). Because of Christ’s birth from among the dead, the whole created order was made new in Him. We have a new heaven and a new earth because of Him. He is the firstborn of all creation (Col. 1:15). Jesus was raised from the dead for us, so that He might be the first born among many brethren (Rom. 8:29). In doing this for us, Christ accomplished the resurrection of Israel (Ez. 37:1-14), which is why Nicodemus, a teacher in this Israel, should have known what Christ was talking about (John 3:7). You all must be born again. But this national regeneration carries individuals with it. A man must be born again to see the kingdom of God (John 3:3,5)

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