More Than a Full Belly

Book 2/Chapter 10

The hope of the godly (section 17)

1. How often did Calvin believe that promises of blessedness were fulfilled in this life for Old Testament saints?

2. Did this cause these saints to despair of the fulfillment?

The flip side (section 18)

1. Did the wicked ever receive “blessings” in this life?

Job (section 19)

1. Did Job expect a future life?

2. Was this an esoteric insight for just him?

Progressive revelation (section 20)

1. If for Calvin the doctrine of the resurrection was clear in the earlier portions of the Old Testament, what happened later?

Dry bones (section 21)

1. How does Calvin interpret the valley of dry bones?

Other prophets (section 22)

1. Which two prophets does Calvin cite here to reinforce this point?

Summary (section 23)

1. What was the first of Calvin’s two remaining points?

2. The second?

3. So what doctrine falls to the ground?

These are the questions for the readings for Thursday, April 16, and those readings can be found here.

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