John Robbins is a Hoot

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The most recent Trinity Review put out by John Robbins is dedicated to extinguishing the heresies of my good friend Peter Leithart. Congratulations to Peter are in order. It has been a long time coming, and he was beginning to worry. Of course for a Robbins to try to deal with a Leithart in this fashion is like trying to put out a bonfire by pelting it with wadded up Kleenex soaked in kerosene.

As Robbins is one who prides himself on his strict adherence to LOGIC (“all rise!”), I was particularly pleased with this one from the article in question: “There never was a time when the proposition ‘April 19, 2004, was a sunny day in Unicoi, Tennessee’ was not true.” Of course to say this, he has to maintain that this proposition was true on April 18, 2004. But the proposition, on April 18, is clearly claiming that April 19, 2004 is a past event. After all, it says, ‘April 19, 2004, was a sunny day . . .’ What fresh irrationalism is this? Take it away. I am not amused and would be alone.

For those who do not go to the link provided, here is a sample quote, which shows that putting John Robbins in charge of fighting heresy is like making Typhoid Mary the director of the Center for Disease Control. Robbins saith, “Truth, not historical events, has primacy. Christianity is not events, nor is it based on events.” Maybe he doesn’t think the resurrection counts as an event. And if Christ be not raised . . .

For those who would like to see the entire article (and if you do, you are probably the kind of motorist who slows down to gawk at automobile accidents), here it be:

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