In the Elect, the Sacraments Effect What They Represent

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Book 4/Chapter 14

Word and sacrament (section 11)

1. What two things work equally to confirm our faith?

2. What does the Lord compare the Word to?

Tree of life as sacrament (section 12)

1. What does God sometimes do when He would remove confidence in the reality of salvation?

2. What does Calvin say to those who object that this take on the sacraments diminishes God’s glory?

A military oath (section 13)

1. What does Calvin say to those who held that sacramentum referred to the oath a soldier took?

2. Who is he reasoning against here?

Holding forth Christ (section 14)

1. By minimizing the sacraments this way, what do these men do?

2. How does Calvin categorize the opposite error?

3. What is that error?

4. What is the certain ruin of the church?

5. What does the promise of the sacrament include?

Sacramental essence (section 15)

1. According to Augustine, what must be distinguished?

2. In our understanding of the sacramental union, what must we continue to distinguish?

3. In the elect, what do the sacraments do?

4. What was the sacrament to Judas?

5. What must we do as we eat with our mouths?

Faith and more faith (section 16)

1. What must the sacraments have in order to promise anything?

2. Does receiving the sacrament carnally make the sacrament less spiritual?

3. According to Augustine, what are the two vices to be avoided?

These are the questions for the readings for Monday, November 2, and those readings can be found here.

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