Governments for Body and Soul

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Book 4/Chapter 20

Civil government (section 1)

1. What sort of two-fold government is man under?

2. What two elements are found in the government of the body?

3. What two errors are common with regard to this question?

Different, not antithetical (section 2)

1. As long as we live among men, what five things should we look to the magistrate to do?

2. What answer does Calvin give to those who want the perfection of the church to handle this?

A necessity of life (section 3)

1. What other necessities does Calvin compare civil government to?

2. Does Calvin believe the civil magistrate is responsible to enforce the first table of the law?

3. What three components to this question of civil order does Calvin intend to treat?

These are the questions for the readings for Monday, December 21, and those readings can be found here.

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