Garrisons, Leagues, and Civil Defense

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Book 4/Chapter 20

Force and piety (section 10)

1. What question does Calvin seek to answer in this section?

2. What answer does he give?

3. And why is this?

4. So what should they do if they want to be approved by God?

5. What defiles a magistrate’s hands?

6. What is the chief gift of princes?

7. At the same time, what kind of kindness must a magistrate avoid?

Invaders (section 11)

1. Why must invaders be repelled?

Christian magistrates (section 12)

1. What is the first reason that Christian magistrates may wage war?

2. Why is there no express declaration on this from the apostles?

3. What Scripture does Calvin cite on military service?

4. Though force of arms is lawful, what place should it occupy in a magistrate’s arsenal?

5. What three things does Calvin defend?

6. How does he define them?

Taxation (section 13)

1. What are the two lawful uses of the public treasury?

2. But what is it for them to squander the resources of the people?

3. What is it for them to raise money not necessary for the public necessity?

These are the questions for the readings for Thursday, December 24, and those readings can be found here.

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