From the Mouths of Infants

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Book I/Chapter 5

God manifested (section 1)

1. How clear is God’s self-disclosure?

2. Does Calvin make a distinction between a seed of religion sowed in men’s minds and a revelation of Himself in creation?

3. Can men look where God is not plainly visible?

Divine wisdom (section 2)

4. Can anyone see God in the creation?

5. According to Calvin, what kind of study aid is this?

What is man? (section 3)

6. What does Calvin mean when he refers to man as a microcosm?

7. Why does the psalmist not hesitate to bring infants into the debate with atheists?

8. Which pagan writer does Paul quote?

These questions are for the readings on Monday, January 12, 2009, day 12, and can be found here. Remember that we are trying to stay a day ahead, and there are no readings for Sunday — your sabbath rest from Calvinism!

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