Corinthians in the Wilderness

Book 2/Chapter 10

A unified covenant (section 1)

1. What point does Calvin believe it is very important to make?

2. What was said concerning the Jews by Calvin’s opponents?

Points of unity (section 2)

1. How much alike are the various covenants that God has made with men?

2. Are these covenants similar?

3. What are the three points Calvin makes here?

Vantage from the Old Testament (section 3)

1. According to the Bible, what were the Old Testament saints looking forward to?

2. What was the Old Testament particularly concerned with?

A notable saying (section 4)

1. What notable saying of the Lord does Calvin use in this discussion?

2. In passing, what does Calvin call the Lord’s mother?

Similar signs (section 5)

1. Does Calvin contrast the Jews in the wilderness with the Corinthians?

2. If the Jews baptism into Moses was carnal only, would Paul’s argument have worked?

Manna for hunger only (section 6)

1. Does Calvin believe that manna was sacramental food?

2. How does he answer the objection from John 6:49,54?

These are the questions for the readings for Monday, April 13, and those readings can be found here.

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