Ceremonies That Declare the Promise

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Book 4/Chapter 19

No word for the grease (section 31)

1. What does Augustine say happens when the word is withdrawn from the water?

2. What does this do to the Romanists’ anointing oil?

3. What kind of ingenious religion are they attempting to create?

Duties of deacons (section 32)

1. What is Calvin’s central complaint about the Romanist deacons?

2. What comparison does he make to the office of apostle?

3. Does Calvin object to the description of deacons as “sons of Levi”?

Promise and sacrament (section 33)

1. How does Calvin amplify his teaching that to be a sacrament a ceremony must be attached to a promise?

Marriage no sacrament (section 34)

1. When did the church begin treating marriage as a sacrament?

2. What would happen if we allowed every scriptural comparison to become a sacrament?

3. If anyone goes along with this absurdity, what should happen to him?

Great mystery (section 35)

1. What was the great mystery of Eph. 5:28-32?

An inconsistency (section 36)

1. What central inconsistency can the Romanists not reconcile?

Bad consequences (section 37)

1. What bad consequences resulted from marriage becoming a sacrament?

2. What did Calvin think he had succeeded in doing?

These are the questions for the readings for Saturday, December 19, and those readings can be found here.

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