Celibate Follies

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Book 2/Chapter 8

Calvin on adultery (section 41)

1. Why should all uncleanness be far from us?

2. What effect does fornication have?

Celibate follies (section 42)

1. What makes men doubly subject to women’s society?

2. What two ways is the gift of celibacy given?

3. Why can men not count on God’s help for any attempt at celibacy?

Marriage (section 43)

1. Can celibacy be achieved by great zeal and effort?

2. If a man is not able to be celibate, what does God require of him?

3. Is it adequate for a man to control external sexual behavior?

Chastity within marriage (section 44)

1. What can we say about sexual association within marriage?

2. What follows from this?

3. Is anything permitted, just so long as the couple is married?

Prohibition of theft (section 45)

1. What is the eighth commandment?

2. What is prohibited in this commandment?

3. Does it matter if we figure out a way to do it legally?

These are the questions for the readings for Tuesday, April 7, and those readings can be found here.

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