As Clear As I Can

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Many bystanders have been trying to figure out what the whole “Auburn Avenue” controversy is all about. As one of the players in this, I feel it is my duty to try to make this as clear as I can.

Some Lutherans are concerned about us because they have heard that somebody might be questioning justification by faith alone. At the same time, southern Presbyterian TRs are concerned about us because we seem awfully Lutheran to them, and everyone knows how weak the Lutherans are on justification by faith alone. Some good folks at Westminster West think that one of our central problems is our denial of the covenant of works. But David Engelsma of the Protestant Reformed Church has come out swinging against us because we are developing the natural and logical consequences of the doctrine of the covenant held by the OPC, PCA, and URC, and which happens to be the doctrine of the covenant held by all of our critics.

I am glad to have been of assistance.

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