Arms, Branches, Twigs and Leaves

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Book 3/Chapter 4

More on private confession (section 13)

1. What does Calvin ardently wish was observed everywhere?

2. This with the provision that two things are avoided. What are they?

Power of the keys (section 14)

1. What are the three occasions, according to Calvin, when the power of the keys is to be used?

2. What must we not “dream up” with regard to the power of the keys?

The Roman doctrine (section 15)

1. What Roman practice is Calvin opposing?

Impossible (section 16)

1. What does Calvin see as one problem with this?

Butchery (section 17)

1. What does Calvin call this requirement?

2. How do Roman theologians categorize sins?

3. And what did they discover when they were done?

These are the questions for the readings for Monday, June 1, and those readings can be found here.

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