Allegorically Half Alive?

Book 2/Chapter 5

Straining for something (section 17)

1. What argument for free will is drawn from Romans 9:16?

2. What word does Calvin use in dismissing this argument?

Ecclesiasticus (section 18)

1. Does Calvin reject the author of Ecclesiasticus?

2. How does he handle this appeal?

3. What does man need instead of an advocate?

Half alive (section 19)

1. How does Calvin handle the allegorical argument from the fact that the man beat up on the Jericho road was “half alive”?

2. What ought allegories not be allowed to do, according to Cavin?

3. And how does Calvin handle the assertion that mankind is “half alive.”

These are the questions for the readings for Saturday, March 21, and those readings can be found here.

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