All the Condemnation in the World

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On my top menu bar, over on the far right — and some would charge that if I were in full control of my layout, everything would be on the far right — you can see the discrete little word shop. In that little shop, an experiment in publishing is going on, and I invite you to participate. You can get there by navigating your way, as just explained, or you can click on the cover image to the right. Everything available in the Mablog Shop (except for that most excellent of coffee cups) is one dollar.

A new book is available there now, called All the Condemnation in the World. This book addresses this pressing question — how can we proclaim a gospel of  grace, a gospel of real liberation in a world that is fueled by, and runs on, accusation?

Too often Christians present the message in such a way as to supercharge the condemnation, which is quite a different thing from bringing a message of repentance of sin and faith in the finished work of Christ. Preaching repentance is not possible without preaching the law, and when we preach the law we are striving for conviction. The devil meanwhile is full to overflowing with accusations.

How can we tell the difference between the conviction that beckons us to a new life, and the dark condemnation that seals us up in  the old life. Is there a way out of this trap?

“There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus” (Rom. 8:1a).