Airy Spirits

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Book 4/Chapter 1

The marks under attack (section 11)

1. What two devices does Satan use to assault the marks of the church?

Guarding against schism (section 12)

1. Should we reject a church that still retains the marks?

2. Are all doctrines of equal weight?

Scandal (section 13)

1. What sort of men leave a church because they found some sin in it?

2. Do they have a legitimate complaint?

3. What do they substitute for kindness?

The problem of Corinth (section 14)

1. If imperfections could remove a church’s identity as a church, what would have happened to Corinth?

2. But what does Paul call them?

3. What remained intact at Corinth?

Fellowship with the wicked (section 15)

1. Does Calvin allow that it is a disgrace for the faithful to be forced to share table fellowship with those who ought to be excommunicated?

2. Should faithful Christians avoid friendship with such persons?

3. Who should we examine when we come to the Lord’s Table?

4. Who has the authority to determine who should be received and who rejected?

These are the questions for the readings for Friday, August 28, and those readings can be found here.

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