Repetitive Food

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We come to this Table every week. For some Christians, this repetition means that we will necessarily drift into religious complacency or sloth. This does happen, and so the Word must always accompany the sacrament, to keep us mindful of our responsibilities here.

But one of those responsibilities is to be repetitive. The liturgy of the worship service is the most fundamental catechism we have, particularly for our little ones. Though they do not know what I preached on five weeks ago, they do know when we came to the Table five weeks ago, and they do know when we raised our hands in the Gloria Patri, and they do know when we stood for the Scripture reading. They know all these things (which are important things to know) through repetition.

The entire worship service shapes us, and not only prepares us for worship next week, and the week after, but also steeps us in certain realities. We know that we do not come before a holy God without confession. We know that once we have confessed our sins, He really does forgive us and receive us. We know that all our dealings with Him must be governed according to His Word alone, and not by our own inventions and devisings. We know that we are to be a joyful people, and are to sing before Him, hearts overflowing with gratitude. We know that as a gentle Father, He feeds us and provides for us, giving us everything we need for life and godliness. All this we gain through repetition. But, let it never be said, through thoughtless repetition.

You are called, here, now, to be mindful of what Jesus Christ did for us. You are called to this, just as you were last week, and as you will be next week. Repetition, when offered in faith, is glory.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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My Portion Forever
My Portion Forever
6 years ago

Repetition with variety is growth. sustenance. I’m sure glad I had breakfast every day last week, though I couldn’t tell you what it specifically was any given day (probably frosted mini wheats or oatmeal)

Kevin Brendler
Kevin Brendler
6 years ago

“For some Christians, this repetition means that we will necessarily drift into religious complacency or sloth. This does happen ….” OK. It can happen. But would you confess the same can be said with regard to daily Bible reading or daily prayer? I think you would. ANY repetitive act of Christian devotion -CAN- issue in religious complacency. The point being that weekly observance of the Supper is no more liable to spiritual drift than any other repetitive exercise in Christian discipleship. 1 Peter 3:15 but · in · your hearts set apart Christ as Lord (MOUNCE) As to the frequency… Read more »