Put Them Down

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This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. You are coming before God on the day when He made all things new. You are coming to Him on the day when He inaugurated the new creation. You are coming to Him on the day when the sabbath became the First Day. And here we stand, gathered together on that First Day, in a world made new.

So set aside anything that belongs to the old order. Set aside corruption, silliness, vanity, crassness, self-centeredness, anger, and bitterness. Set aside anything that cannot be brought where we are going.

We are going into the presence of the Ancient of Days. Your person has been made clean on account to the sacrifice made by the Lord Jesus. But some of the things You are clinging to have not been justified by Him, and they never will be. So put them down. Come, worship the Father through the risen Lord.

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