God of Sabbaths

God of the Sabbath, God of our fathers, we pray to You in Jesus’ name.

We have completed another week of labor, built on the foundation of Your everlasting gospel, embodied in our last Lord’s Day. We now look forward to another week, and we desire to build it upon the same foundation — the foundation of free and sovereign grace, one that makes us rest from all human work, willing or running. We know that we do all these things, but we want always to acknowledge that the day of rest is the first day, the only day upon which we in the new covenant may securely build.

We ask You to prepare us for the task of worshiping tomorrow, and we ask that Your Holy Spirit would prepare us in every way for this task. We pray that this feast would set and orient our hearts in the right direction, so that we look forward to our time in the sanctuary of heaven tomorrow with great eagerness.

In Jesus’ name, amen.


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