Cycle of Days

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Great God in heaven, heavenly Father,

We know that every day that passes by is a gift from You, and that we owe You for every gift You give within each one of those days. We thank You for the week, that cycle of days which You established that has no connection to the movements of sun, moon, or stars. We thank You for the number seven, which marks out the period of time past which we begin to forget the gospel of grace and rest, and begin to rely on our own efforts and wisdom.

We thank You for the shift in the day, from the seventh day to the first. We know that we are now called to begin the week with rest and hope, looking forward to a week of labor based on the foundation of grace. That first day has now arrived, and we glorify You for it, and in it. We pray that we would rest in such a way as to honor You and all that You have given.

We pray for this in the name of Jesus, and amen!

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