Another Foundation Week

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Our Father and God,

We thank You for the arrival of yet another Lord’s Day. We are grateful for the opportunity to rejoice before You, and build another week on the foundation of this day. We remember that Your Son and our Lord rose from the dead on this day, and was seen by His disciples. We know that just as the Sabbath of the old covenant was the day of rest for that creation, so this Sabbath is that day killed and resurrected, and is the day of rest for the new creation. We thank You that we who are in Christ are that new creation, and that there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.

We pray that in the coming week You would keep us mindful of our duty to tend the garden of this new Eden, reversing the curse of thistles and weeds, and to labor for the new dominion of Jesus Christ, and to live as citizens in this kingdom that You have established, world without end.

We pray for all of this in Jesus’ name, and amen.


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