The Baals In Your Own Village

We continue to be horrified by the recent events which have befallen our nation. But whether we have been mortified by a godly repentance will only be seen in the long run. After the initial shock has worn off, will we, along with the rest who seek superficial healings, spend all our time trying to “get back to normal”? Let us hope not.

The task before us is two-fold. First is that of repentance which, if it is not to be an insult to God, must consist of tearing down idols. The second is that of re-establishing right worship – first in our hearts and families, second in our liturgy, and third in the heavenlies.

We in the Church are not at war with terrorists only. We are at war with the idols, and terrorism represents one small part of this. So, as you prepare for worship now, declare war on the idols – all of them. Do not start with the idols of the other guy. Start with your own.

Consumerist greed. Socialist complacency. Right-wing individualism. The lust of men. The immodesty of women. The disobedience of children. The folly of young men. The gullibility of young women. The stubbornness of the elderly. The failure to worship God on His own terms. So follow the example of Gideon, and start with the baals in your own village.

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