Renewing Covenant

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We are here in a service of covenant renewal. We know that this covenant contains blessings for obedience and chastisements for disobedience. We also know that all of us stumble and are disobedient at times, and so we wonder what is the good of renewing a covenant that we constantly break.

The glorious news is that we do not keep this covenant through works of our own, but rather through faith in our Lord, the Lord of the covenant. He is the only promise keeper, and so we assemble to look to Him, to confess our sins through His baptism, to sing back to God as His voice, to offer sacrifices of praise to God in His priestly work.

Do not ever think that you are supposed to come to worship in some stoic manner, arriving here only to give. You come in order to receive, so that you might give, so that you might receive again. We are creatures; the desire to not need His kindness is an attempt to be as God. Only the most arrogant think that they come to worship in order to give, not receive. Only the most self-centered come to receive without giving back again.

Covenant renewal is a glorious exchange between God and His people, and He is the Lord of that exchange. We acknowledge this and we rest in Him now.

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