Practical Help in Ukraine

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As I have been keeping in touch with my friends in Ukraine, I have become aware of a need that I would like to pass on to you, and to ask for your help. As you all know, we are not big into asking for funds, but I want to deviate from our norm here, and for good reason.

The executive council of JEEP has determined that they need to purchase two reliable used vans for transporting food, medicines, various supplies and equipment, not to mention refugees. Taking one thing with another, this is a one time need, and the total amount needed for the vans is around 35K. One of the vans will be used by Pastor Bogumil Jarmulak from Poland, who is the presiding minister of Hus Presbytery, and the other by Pastor San Sanych Orlov-Koshchavka of Rivne, Ukraine. Nancy and I traveled with them both when we were visiting Poland and Ukraine, and can vouch for them as truly reliable men of God.

They are heavily involved in the relief work there, and we cannot carry all that weight with them. But we can get them a couple of vans—and here is where you can lend a hand.

In addition, JEEP has also created a Ukraine Relief budget, distinct from the JEEP annual budget. This will be used for applying relief donations toward various ongoing needs there. So if you have the wherewithal to support JEEP on a monthly basis also, that would be wonderful. Once they have the vans, they will need to fill them up with goods, and they will be doing that for quite some time. There is little to no work going on there now (which obviously affects the tithing), and refugees are streaming through and to Western Ukrainian cities where our CREC congregations are located. The need is huge.

So, to be clear, you have a three-way choice. You can designate that your gift go toward the vans, which is the immediate pressing need. You can also give to the general Ukraine Relief budget, which would go toward supplies, medicine, food, that sort of thing. That is the ongoing relief need. And last, you can still remember JEEP’s regular budget.

And remember, as I mentioned before, continue to study and discuss all the geopolitical issues. Debate them even. But the ticket for doing so with a clear conscience is having helped the widow and orphan. This need is practical, tangible, right in front of us, and it is something I believe we can actually do something about. Thanks for considering it.