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When God is at work, let the arm of flesh rest. When God speaks, let all the creatures of the earth be silent. But this is not something we can do in our own strength.

Jesus Christ quieted the winds and the waves with a word. If you have come here this morning with a tempest in your heart, then hear His word now, which is always, peace, be still.

The causes of the unrest could be anything. The world is a complicated and fallen place. You might be unsettled because of family strife, or because of financial troubles, or because of doctrinal disagreements, or because a loved one is ill, or simply because you are being proud.

But you are now in the presence of God, and through the intercession of Christ, this entire worship service is lifted up into the heavenly places, and is offered, perfect, to God the Father. This is the work of God, and is grace for man, and so the word comes to you as we prepare for worship.

Peace, be still.

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