Lord of the Fingertips

Your worldview is not what you think — that is, in another sense, your worldview is not limited to what you are thinking.

Your worldview comes out your fingertips, and expresses itself, incarnationally, in what you are doing. In making a salad, spanking a child, caressing your wife, or holding a communion cup, you are embodying your view of the world.

When you do sin, you are revealing the existence of internal idols, idols that must be thrown down. And here we see the issue of the heart. If your worldview comes out your fingertips, it does no good to put a manmade block at your middle knuckle. The idol will find another way out.

In your worship today, offer up your bodies as living sacrifices — your reason, your affections, your tastes, your reason, your habits, your family, your reason. In doing this, you will come to demonstrate what is the perfect and holy will of God — your sanctification. But you can only dare to make such an offering if you understand the power of the cross, and the nature of the free grace of justification offered to us in Jesus Christ.

Because His cross conquers the sinful heart, He is the Lord of the fingertips.

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