God Throws Down the Proud

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We cannot have an assembly like this without collecting together great sin and sinfulness. But this is not a function of the size of our church. The same thing would happen if any one of us were to assemble, all by ourselves, in a closet. We are all sinners, and God is in the process of redeeming us, and bringing us to final and complete conformity to the image of His Son. So we understand that we are a pitiful group. We understand that the situation is hopeless. And yet that is precisely why it is not hopeless — we have come to the end of ourselves, and we know that if any saving is going to be done around here, it will be done utterly, totally, and completely by God alone.

But some do not understand this, and yet hypocritically, they still gather together with us in the name of Jesus Christ. They lie, and they cheat, and they put on a false front. But know this, no man has ever put up a front that deceived the living God. He considers all the slippery movements of every sinful heart. If you have come here under false pretenses, you have come to a dangerous place. Your pride is about to be thrown down, and the Lord of hosts will trample upon it. For those who are tired of being proud, as all of us ought to be, this is good news indeed.

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