God Restores All His People

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God delights to restore His people, and we are convinced that He is in the process of doing so. At the same time, be aware that the enemy of our souls does not leave such restorations unopposed. We will be attacked, and we will be attacked where we are the weakest.

When God restores His people, He restores them in holiness. We are to trust Him fully, obey Him wholly, and love Him forever.

Those of you who are adults, with many cares and concerns, prepare for worship now by confessing and abandoning your anxieties, your covetousness, your fretting, your desire to control what you cannot control.

Young people, prepare for worship now by cultivating a godly contempt for the cool. If you do not yet know what that means, know that your soul is in danger, and turn to ask God to give you an understanding of what it means. What the world calls cool the Bible calls folly, and so you should throw it to the ground and turn away.

Children, prepare for worship now. Know that the Father delights to receive you, and He receives you now. Put away all the squabbles you may have had with your brothers and sisters. Obey your parents, and know that God is establishing you in the faith.

And all of you, men and women, young men and women, boys and girls, come now to worship the Lord.

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