Always a Good Investment

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Our nation is in the midst of significant financial upheaval, along with many other nations, and because of this we have to remember certain things as we approach God with our worship. Lord willing, we will address this in greater detail in next week’s message, but it is important to say a few things about it now.

The first is that whenever the Bible speaks of the nations in turmoil, as it frequently does, the point is to set a contrast with the sovereignty and majesty of God. If the nations are but a drop in the bucket, and the Lord is high and lifted up, inhabiting eternity, then all our troubles swim into perspective. We are worshiping a God who has absolutely no problems, only plans. We are worshiping a God who has absolutely no financial problems. And we are His children.

The second is that, having done this, we still have to determine what we will do with our resources, or, as the case may be, with our remaining resources. Remember that the Word teaches us that widows and orphans are always a good investment. And, as Deuteronomy hastens to add, don’t forget the Levite.

The third thing is to take occasions like this to run a spiritual inventory. If the cares and concerns of this world have been choking out the influence of the Word in your life, and as God has now got your attention, now would be a good time to turn it over to Him in repentance. Do not lay up treasures on earth, the Lord said, where moth and rust destroy, and where stock markets implode.

And last, Scripture says, we are always and for everything to give thanks. And that includes this. God knows what He is doing.

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