God Is No Miser

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The Table of the Lord is a rich table, one that is filled with all good things. We who have been invited to that Table are not filled with all good things. The point, one that Scripture makes over and over again, is to bring about a transfer. What God has, He gives to us. What we do not have, is given to us.

One of the ways it is apparent that we are not filled with good things is the ease with which we believe lies about whether this Table is a table of blessing. In other words, believing lies about the graciousness of God is one of the ways that we reveal how readily we tell lies.

But acknowledging this is not the same as wallowing in it. We have already confessed our sins. We have seen victory and growth over the course of our lives, as God is transforming us from glory into glory. We do not come here in order to go over our lives with morbid interest. Indeed, we come here because we serve a God who is interested in changing us so that we might stop doing this. His lovingkindness endures forever.

What this means, in practical terms, is that when you come to this Table you are charged to meditate on the goodness and greatness of God, and the goodness and the greatness of what He has given to you. You are charged to repent of unbelief, the attitude that says that God is not really giving you anything here.

But our God is a God of grace. He is no skinflint. He is no miser. His Son, our gracious Lord, is at the head of the Table, and He has given orders that ensure that the food will never run out.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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