Getting What We Deserve

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The task before us today, in these times, is that of learning how to live faithfully as Christians in the station to which we have been assigned, and yet to do it with an eye on the big picture. We need to understand that the nation will not be transformed by direct action, aimed at our leaders.

The kind of leadership we really want and deserve will be the kind of leadership we will get. One of the worst habits of democracies is that of repudiating the results of the people’s voices and choices, as though they had nothing to do with what is happening. But no, the kind of thing we honor will be promoted, and when we have promoted it, we cannot repudiate it at that point—when the consequences start to bite us.

In other words, God is just, and we get the kind of government we deserve. We are seeing the rise of a nanny state tyranny now, but if we rush to reject it now without reflection, we are simply going to make things worse. Where did this come from? It comes from many decades of selfish and lazy Christians, rejecting what God teaches us about the basis for a righteous society.

We have wanted a decent Christian society without Christ, and many Christians have even argued for this. But God is a jealous God, and if He has set a particular name above every name, it is not our prerogative to step in with a list of exceptions . . . because of certain advancements in civics made by Enlightenment Deism. This kind of nonsense must be confessed, and confessed as sin.