Doing What He Says

Folly is not defined against a worldly standard. There is a kind of folly that exists there, true, a dumb and dumber kind of thing. But we are not concerned with that. In Scripture, folly is not a matter of intelligence, but rather of a moral indisposition to submit to God. Some of the most intelligent people who have ever lived have been fools, and some of the most simple people have a profound sense of the Godness of God.

So real folly consists of trying to walk in accordance with a word other than the Word of God. God’s Word is a light. God’s Word reveals the nature of true sanity. God’s law is liberty, and nothing else is. God’s grace is the grace of right reason.

The fact that fools have been clever enough to capture the major media outlets means only that folly has enough lung capacity to try to shout down any manifestations of a good and godly sense. But shouting someone down is not the same thing as answering him, and saying that you never heard of such a thing is not the same thing as dealing with the moral demands of the gospel, and of the lordship of Jesus Christ.

Jesus is Lord, and that’s the sum of it. He is the image of the invisible God, and He came to earth because it was His purpose to tell the nations how they are to conduct their affairs. Life should be simpler than many want to make. Here it is in a nutshell. Jesus is Lord. We should do what He says.