Communion is the Point

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Those who are lost in this world are characterized by a bewilderment concerning whether or not there is any point to life. If they knew there was one, and if they knew what it was, they wouldn’t be lost. But here they are, and lost is the best word we might use to describe them.communion20elements20-20dickow

Suppose them to be here, and suppose one of them asked us what the point of life was. The answer to that question—the greatest of all questions—is right here in front of us. This is. Here, the bread of life and the wine of forgiveness are set on the table in front of us as the entire point of our lives. How is that?

This Table is all about communion with God, and that is why God created us—to have communion with Him. If He created us to have communion with Him, then having communion with Him is the point of life. This Table, set before us weekly, is our sacramental reminder that apart from communion with God, the image of God necessarily has no point.

If we are not created in the image of God, we have no purpose, no point. If we are created in His image, but are estranged from Him, then we find our lives to be pointless also. The only way to be oriented rightly is to be oriented while in fellowship with Him. And that is what this Table is for. This is to remind you, to refurbish you, to strengthen you, to nourish you, to speak to you, to commune with you.

This is communion, and the reason human beings were created by God was to live in communion with Him. This is what He desires, and as His minister I am authorized to invite you into what He desires. I am inviting you to desire it too.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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Vishwanath Haily Dalvi
Vishwanath Haily Dalvi
8 years ago

A point that bears repeating …

8 years ago

That was lovely. Adam and Eve would walk with God in the cool of the evening. I really like that imagery. Sometimes we speak about our faith being like a walk.