Clothed With Christ in Worship

Never forget that God sees the heart. He knows every thought, every intention, every motive, every excuse, every rationalization, and every motion in your mind.

This is the God you gather before in worship. Nothing is obscure to Him simply because you are surrounded by others. Nothing is hidden from Him simply because others are older, or younger. Nothing can be pushed off on others.

You appear before the Lord naked, and this is why you must take care to clothe yourselves with Christ. Every other attempt at clothing yourself is futile, and insulting to Him who made the wedding garment, and graciously offered it for you to wear.

Look down at your covenantal hands. You hold a priceless robe given to you, without price, without cost to you. That robe was purchased by the blood of the Son of God, that robe is the Son of God Himself.

You have come to worship His Father, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, and He has offered you this priestly garment. You had better put it on.

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