Christ as Manna and Water

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Our Jewish fathers in the wilderness were followed by Christ and were fed by Him. He was the Rock that accompanied them, and they all drank from that Rock. The apostle Paul says that this was written for us, as an example, lest any of us destroy ourselves, the same way many of them did.

In the wilderness, the solution to this dilemma was not to shrink back from eating and drinking in a false humility. It was a wilderness, remember. Those who would not eat manna, and who would not drink the water, would die. But those who came to eat and drink without evangelical faith and gratitude would also die. With many of them God was not well-pleased, and their bodies were scattered over the wilderness.

Those who died were not just those who held back and watched others eat and drink Christ. Many of them came forward, in the impudence which sin always fosters, confident that they had a portion of Christ.

So it is now. This table of the new covenant is set. If you are baptized, not only may you come, you must come. It is arrogance to separate yourself from this Table in some sort of mock humility. At the same time, it is greater arrogance to come, clutching your sin in both hands, and trying to handle the bread and cup on top of that.

The only way out is to humble yourself before God, really and genuinely. You cannot partake of two tables, and you really are required to partake of this one. Come then, in humility of heart, grateful for all God’s kindness to you.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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