Because It Does

After the reign of Josiah, the Word says that God had compassion on His people and He sent them messengers. These messengers from God were mocked, the words of God were despised, and the prophets were misused. Therefore the wrath of God arose against the people, until, it says, there was no remedy.

As a people, we are rapidly approaching the same condition. The handwriting is on the wall, and all our wise men and seers have a reading disability. They do not see what every true child of God knows and acknowledges — that God is not mocked and that which a man sows, a man reaps.

It is the same with nations. If we sow contempt for the word of God, do we really think that we will reap a harvest in which God respects the words of man? Hardly.

This problem is seen at its worst in the modern professing church. The modern church is doing what it is doing because there is a judicial blindness upon us from God. And unless God shows kindness through a sovereign giving of repentance, this is precisely where we are — in a condition with no remedy.

So this next Lord’s Day, worship the Lord as though the future of your nation and people depends upon it. Because it does.

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