And We Sing

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One of the great blessings that accompanies coming to this Table every week is the blessing of being able to sing at this Table. One of the names for this meal comes from the Greek word for giving thanks—this is the Eucharist, a true sacrifice of praise.

The 22nd Psalm says that God inhabits the praise of His people, and this is yet another way in which Christ is present here with us as we partake. Think of it. Christ is contained in the emblems of bread and wine. Christ is manifested in the word of institution that is spoken over this bread and wine—it is the presence of that word that distinguishes sacramental bread from ordinary bread, and sacramental wine from ordinary wine. Christ is present in your neighbor, Christ is in your brothers and sisters all over the room. He is the one loaf, and we are the one loaf. We commemorate the broken body here, and we, because of that brokenness, are His restored body. So Christ is there in your brothers and sisters as well, and His Spirit of love that binds us all together.

And we sing. Christ is in the praise that we lift up to God. Remember that faith has two offices—one is to receive Christ from God, and the other is to offer Christ to God. When we sing around the Table, we are lifting Christ up to God because we are singing—just as we pray—in the name of Jesus Christ. All things, everywhere, are done in His name, but especially here.

So come, and welcome, to Jesus Christ.

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