Not Whether You Want, But What

“So a humble man and a proud man are not distinguished from one another because the latter does what he wants and the former does not. Rather, they are distinguished because they want different things. No creature ever desired anything from a base outside its own desires. So a humble man delights in God, and a proud man delights in that which is not God.”

The Cultural Mind, pp. 136-137

The Ur-Blur. Let Him With Wisdom Understand.

“In order to argue anything, a man has to be able to say this, not that; here, not there; A, not A. In short he has to be able to make distinctions. So argumentation depends on this, and distinctions in their turn depend on having an ultimate ground for making distinctions. In the historic Protestant view, the ultimate and greatest distinction that must be maintained at all times is the distinction between the Creator and the creature.”

The Cultural Mind, p. 132

Which the Horses Might Decline

“We, in the grip of a very bad idea, have thought to repeal some fundamental laws of the natural order of things. Good luck to us all, says I. Let us repeal the law of gravity to cut down on that frictional wear and tear. Let us herd cats. Let us sweep water uphill. Let us feed cheesecake to our horses.”

The Cultural Mind, p. 130

So the Answer is No

[Concerning Deut. 22:5] “Transvestite men certainly are condemned here, but the language with regard to the women is quite different. The operative phrase in this passage is keli gabar, the gear of a warrior. A woman is not to wear the gear of a fighter. The prohibition is not one of slacks, but rather of helmets and heavy rifles.”

The Cultural Mind, p. 129