Why Not?

Bob Dylan gets in a little grumbling about the music of the kids these days. The apocalypse is here.

Take one hundred liberals at random, and between them all, they can come up with 147 kids. Do the same thing with a hundred convervatives, and the number of kids is 208. I can deal with that.

Thre are some additional liberal problems with math. Our stalwarts on the Moscow City Council have determined that they will only pay a “living wage,” which is, as it turns out, over 10 clams an hour and under 11. But I do not understand why they don’t fix all our problems, and just shoot the moon. Why not an “early retirement wage” set at a hundred bucks a minute? And hire all of us?

Be sure to check this out.

Christianity Today has noticed something. While some sectors of the contemporary church are busy emerging, another sector has decided to deteriorate into Calvinism.

And last, why ballet is really not for everyone.

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