Three Cheers for Anglicans, the Kind Who Believe the Bible

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I need to pass on the word about a new theological journal — The North American Anglican. I know that a number of you probably ought to be thinking about their first issue, the table of contents for which can be found here. Some sample articles are here, and you can subscribe here.

I know about this, not because I am Anglican, but rather because I was asked to contribute to the first issue, a fact you can easily verify by looking at the table of contents. My presence can be explained this way — the plan apparently is to have an non-Anglican contribute something of interest to Anglicans each issue — an outsider’s perspective. But if you look carefully, you will see that they have nothing from folks from TEC (the Episcopal Confusion). Why ask for theological nuance and substance from people who are still struggling with the concept of boys and girls?

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