Content Cluster Muster[07-21-22]

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Probably an Open Road

And more, as per our usual custom, here.

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Yes, Quite

Try to Get It Right . . .

Jokes I Like to Tell

So one day a priest went and got a haircut and a shave. He chatted easily with the barber, and when the haircut was done, he got up and asked the barber, “So how much do I owe you?”

And the barber said, “Honestly, for a man of the cloth like yourself, father, no charge.”

The following morning, when the barber came in to open his shop, on the stoop he found a gift bag on his doorstep, with twelve gold coins in side. He could scarcely believe it.

Later that day a Buddhist monk came in as a customer in order to get his head shaved. ” After this was done, he got up, just as the priest had done, and asked, “How much do I owe you?” said the monk.

The barber replied, “For someone pursuing enlightenment, one such as yourself, I wouldn’t feel right charging anything. So, no charge.”

And the next morning, when he came in to open up his shop, he found a small parcel with his name on it, and when he opened it up, there were twelve priceless rubies inside. Again, he was astounded.

The barber was starting to detect a pattern, and sure enough, later that day, a rabbi came in to get his beard trimmed, along with a haircut. And when the job was done, the rabbi acted just as the priest and the monk had done. “What do I owe you?” he asked.

“For a man of God such as yourself, no charge” answered the barber.

The next morning the barber got up, and he was kind of looking forward to the day. And when he came around the corner to open the shop, what should he find but 12 rabbis on his doorstep.

Things Are Kind of Tight

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David J.
David J.
1 year ago

My Charger Daytona would love that road!