Content Cluster Muster [06-09-22]

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Don’t Slide Down Sideways

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A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

A Most Reasonable Question

I Hate When This Happens

Jokes I Like to Tell

Once there was a fellow in Germany who lived in an old house that he had inherited from his grandmother. She had been a collector of many old things, but there had not been any rhyme or reason to her pattern of collecting. The house was crammed with oddball knick knacks, and so her grandson—who had been quite poor before receiving this legacy—eked out a living by taking various items down to local antique stores and pawn shops. Every Saturday he would load up his car and make his round of deliveries. He owned the house free and clear, and was able to sell enough things to keep himself fed.

He did this for a few years, and was finally working his way through the attic. While rummaging there one day he found an old Bible, a very old Bible. Not being interested in religion, or in history for that matter, he just threw it in that day’s box, and took it off with him and sold it to a dealer.

That evening he was talking with a friend of his, and happened to mention the Bible, and how he had sold it for 50 Euros. “What kind of Bible was it?” his friend asked.

“Oh, some publisher I never heard of,” the man said. “I made sure to check. It published by some outfit called Gutenberg.”

“Gutenberg!” his friend gasped. “Was it an old Bible?”

“Well, yes. It seemed very old.”

“You don’t seem to understand. An old Gutenberg . . . if it was a genuine Gutenberg, an original, it could have been worth hundreds of thousands of Euros. And you sold it for 50?”

“No, no, don’t worry,” the fellow said. “It was hardly worth anything, and I got 50 Euros for it. I looked it over carefully, and I can’t believe I got that much. Some clown named Martin Luther had scribbled all through it.”

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