Content Cluster Muster [04-13-23]

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New Founding is the rallying point for founders, investors, and builders who see a historic opportunity to reclaim the virtues of excellence and competence in the economy.


  • CEO at fast-growing conservative newspaper focusing on fact-based reporting in one of the largest red cities in America.
  • Early full-stack engineering role at bootstrapped, highly-profitable e-commerce startup co-founded by a SpaceX engineer.
  • Junior associate at elite law and strategy firm driving a conservative approach to energy, environment, financial services, and labor issues.
  • Digital Product Designer at Christian product studio, building one of the top 5 digital platforms for churches in the market.


  • VP of Engineering with focus on ML/AI. Experience with all stages from pre-seed startup to FAANG.
  • Full-stack software engineer experienced in building backends and APIs for biomedical, healthcare, and educational applications.
  • Former Navy SEAL and Wharton MBA in AI/ML and defense tech.
  • 10+ year video production veteran looking to help a based company leverage creativity to drive revenue & attention economic

If you’re a business leader looking to hire the best people in the country, their network includes top-tier talent across tech, finance, law, and marketing.

If you’re an exceptional individual looking for work at mission-driven companies, you can browse open roles in their Talent platform.

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

And the Reality Was Almost That Bad

Three Open Roads Today Because You Have Been So Good

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I Think I Remember That Move

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