Content Cluster Muster [12-22-22]

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Stick Closer to the River, Man

And more here.

Inside The Capitol Hill Covid Forum

A True Privilege

It was a real pleasure to be able to participate in David Bahnsen’s No Free Lunch program.

Seems Like an Obstacle

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

You Will All Wear Masks, and Like It

When the Truth Lands

And more here.


Jokes I Like to Tell

What did the Hindu say to the Christian?
I am going to get into my karma and run over your dogma.

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1 year ago

I’d also like to see summary of all the J6 footage we haven’t been allowed to see. Like this.
3sidedstory on Twitter: “Did everyone see the of video of this man shoving people through the doors into the Capitol on January 6th? @julie_kelly2 @DarrenJBeattie @ColumbiaBugle” / Twitter