Content Cluster Muster [04-20-23]

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Hot Opportunities

New Founding is the rallying point for founders, investors, and builders who see a historic opportunity to reclaim the virtues of excellence and competence in the economy.

Job Openings

  • Managing Director role for an M&A advisory firm that focuses exclusively on sell-side transactions. Cincinnati, OH.
  • Sales Engineer role at a cloud CRM and marketing automation platform designed for SMB’s. Houston, TX.
  • Frontend Engineer for a private consumer fintech company in Austin, TX.


  • Professional animator in the game industry and motion graphics artist, with experience in startups and marketing teams. 
  • CEO with 25+ years of experience building groundbreaking technology, scaling teams, and building massive companies. 
  • Former Army office and D1 football player with experience in investment banking looking for PE/VC firms. 


The Sulfur Balls of Sodom

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

An Easy Trap

The Importance of Context

Can’t Be Too Careful . . .

Round, Round, Get Around, I Get Around

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1 month ago

Needs more pillows.

Brandon Leatherman
Brandon Leatherman
1 month ago

That video on the Sulfur Balls of Sodom was fascinating. Thank you for sharing it!

Jay Baggett
Jay Baggett
1 month ago

At least all those pillows aren’t stones … Genesis 28:11

Jay Baggett
Jay Baggett
1 month ago

The dilemma of locating Sodom is that Lot and Abram separate when they are between Ai and Bethel, and, we’re told, Lot could look down and see the well-watered plain where Sodom lies. It is identified as the Jordan Valley. This is at the north end of the Dead Sea, not the southeast-corner location of Bab edh-Dhra, where the video locates the Sodom. Further, it is actually possible to look due east from between Bethel and Ai and see the green plain, while it is utterly impossible to see the southeast corner of the Dead Sea from that location due… Read more »

1 month ago

Goodness, gracious…great sulphur balls of Sodom!