Content Cluster Muster [08-31-23]

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Hellenistic Globetrotters

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20 days ago

Anyone with even a smidgen of statistical knowledge was able to calculate the mortality rate as early as March 2020. Pick any country (I used Italy and China), and the infection rate was roughly 10% of the total population, and the mortality rate was 1% or less. This remained pretty constant across the months of 2020. Factor in age and comorbidities, and it was clear a particular population sector was highly vulnerable to COVID. Despite having received an education that trained us to think critically about matters before us, we were told to trust the “scientists” and ignore the actual… Read more »

Last edited 20 days ago by Richard Sprunk
20 days ago
Reply to  RJS

Within two weeks of the virus hitting American soil, we knew what we were dealing with. During those two weeks, we were right to get a little worked up, because it looked pretty bad. But by the third week, the data had settled in and was pointing to an overall mortality of <1%, with certain age bands far less than that–you know, kids somewhere around <0.01%. People with skill and integrity could see it. What was so vastly different about this virus was NOT anything you could see beneath a microscope (except that it had obviously been engineered); rather, it… Read more »

Andrew Lohr
Andrew Lohr
19 days ago
Reply to  Andrew

Church teaches us to sit down and shut up, as if I Corinthians 14 were not in the Bible; well, “decently and in order” we admit, but “Every man hath…” and “Let all things be DONE” are often ignored. Read Jim Rutz’s book “The Open Church.”

16 days ago
Reply to  Andrew

Yep. Some of us said the same things on here as each of these events unfolded. We were met with Greta Thunberg-ish “How dare you?!” reactions from the church ladies here (including the male ones) but the
“far right” have so far been right about most everything.