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Two Open Roads for the Price of One

And yes, more here.

Yeah, Watch It Twice

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Although Solomon Would Probably Have Been Baffled for Other Reasons

I Would Not Be Nearly That Slick

Major Metro Area Exegesis

Words to Live By

Jokes I Like to Tell

So here is a little denominational humor, which you can switch around according to your denominational preferences.

Once there were two men who had been fast boyhood friends, and they remained close friends throughout the course of their lives. But as it happened, they grew up on two sides of a doctrinal division, that division being the question of infant baptism. One of them was a Presbyterian and the other one was a Baptist. Other than that, they were peas in a pod. Their families had even vacationed together once. Their kids went to the same Christian schools, and some of them were becoming fast friends. Their wives were good friends also, and everything seemed wonderful because it was wonderful.

Very early on, these two men had formed the habit of getting together for lunch once a week, come rain, come weather. They did this for years, and the only thing that happened was that they grew ever closer.

Another good thing about their friendship is that it didn’t have any “no fly” zones in it. In other words, it was not that they had to avoid certain doctrinal topics. They could talk about them freely, and each of them could have given a very accurate portrayal of their friend’s position. In short, once the fact of the disagreement is assumed, they conducted themselves admirably in every way.

One day, as their lunch was concluding, they were getting up to leave the restaurant, and the Baptist said to the Presbyterian, “Friend, I am kind of disappointed in you. We have been having lunch for many years, and here you are, still baptizing babies. Can you explain that?”

His friend scratched his beard thoughtful. “Well, I hadn’t given that much thought. But now’s that you mention it, I would say it is because we only have lunch once a week, and I read my Bible every day.”

More Words to Live By

Yeah, Abilene Is Tough

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1 year ago

Irrelevant to this post, but I’m wondering why for the past many weeks when I click on the latest Saturday Psalm post to read the whole thing, it always just opens up to the post on Christian unity—Psalm 133.

1 year ago
Reply to  Ree

Yeah. How ‘bout it?