Content Cluster Muster [06-06-24]

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So Trump Should Set a Stretch Goal

What do I mean stretch goal? You know, like beating the Nixon/McGovern record of 49/1.

Open Road

More here:

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Uh Oh. Somebody Found Out . . .

Now here’s a write-up . . .

There Are More Examples If You Need Them . . .

HT: Samuel Cherubin

Kostya Lupanov

And Another Podcast Also

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1 month ago

From comments on a Jack Jenkins article:

14 May, 2024

Jack Jenkins has a knack for locating disgruntled Christians and in this case puffing the book written by one of them. Jack, when will you interview a former liberal Democrat atheist who converted to Christianity?

  • 14 May, 2024
  • Most likely they locate him.
  • They want a soapbox and Jenkins is the propagandist they choose.
  • I have seen no sign at all they he is an actual reporter.