Content Cluster Muster [02-23-23]

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Always a Good Reminder

That’s What We’re Talking About

This Was Good

And This Was Really Good

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Tiny Heartbeats Internship

The link to apply is here. This is a ministry that Nancy and I donate to. And here is their statement.

Between June 1st and July 30th, Tiny Heartbeat Ministries (THM) is offering a full-time internship program for high school and college-aged students. The program is more like a class than a job, although there will be aspects of both present. THM is a Christian ministry that integrates evangelism with pro-life activism. Thus, you will be learning to preach the Gospel as well as serve in anti-abortion ministry. Throughout the eight weeks, you will learn from our missionaries as well as from nationally renowned guest speakers on topics such as cultural apologetics, the history of abortion practice, and witnessing to members of other religions. Mission trips are scheduled (one at the beginning and the other at the end of the program) to Columbus, OH and San Francisco, CA where you will have the opportunity to put the information you’ve been learning into practice on outreach. Furthermore, each intern will learn to prepare and then lead a Bible Study for their peers. Our goal is that you leave our internship equipped to lead a team of believers to do Gospel-centered abortion ministry in your own community.

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9 months ago

If you are in Canada, here’s an intern opportunity

9 months ago

The open road pic is a repeat of last week’s. This was a test to see if we were paying attention, wasn’t it.

9 months ago

watched the whole thing. smart lady! … eye opening… sort of filled in some of the blanks Doug Wilson talks about.