Content Cluster Muster [12-15-22]

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Black and White Open Road

More here.

Don’t Forget These

And check it out through Bekah’s banner ad at the top of the blog.

But It’s An Attitude

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

An Opinionated Girl . . .

Always Worth a Reminder

Exactly So

Jokes I Like to Tell

Why is the complaint department so large at the Warsaw soccer stadium?
Because no matter where you sit, you are always sitting behind a Pole.

The Christian Tree and the Liberal Social Order Fruit

And here please find a fair-minded description of the lay of the land. If we are talking about culture wars, you can’t tell the players without a scorecard.

A Study in Contrasts

Why You Shouldn’t Be Online at 2 AM

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11 months ago

I posted the graphic above labelled “A Study in Contrasts” on Facebook and was immediately put in facebook jail LOL.

11 months ago

Also had my Facebook account restricted for posting “A Study in Contrasts”. How ironic that Facebook doesn’t want me to talk about people killing themselves, but is totally fine with the government actually assisting people kill themselves.