Content Cluster Muster [10-26-23]

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Go With It

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Open Road

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If the gospel would touch their lives, the whole structure of life would be transformed.”

A Song I Really Like for Some Reason

Follow the Argument

I Hate It When This Happens

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Emil Ciubotaru

Kay Polk

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4 months ago

The White race exists. College admission boards know it and you know it.
White people are literally my extended family. They matter more than any culture and certainly matter more than what’s left of American culture.
White people must act together in solidarity, collectively, if there is going to be any future for White children.
Anti-White ideology is very powerful. It’s in the short-term self interest of any individual to join in and attack White solidarity. Conservatives like Wilson are going to find every excuse and rationalization that justifies this. This is a problem we will need to solve.

Ms Terri
Ms Terri
4 months ago
Reply to  Barnabas

Weird becase YOU seem like the problem. And you profess Christ? How odd.

4 months ago
Reply to  Ms Terri

Wouldn’t that be simple, if I were the problem?
Ghost dancer